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July 3rd
Youth Recreation Begins
5:15 pm

Equipment available for private parties (setup and breakdown included)

July 3rd
First Day of Junior Lifeguarding

Lifeguard Competition Schedule (TBA)

May 25, 2018
Labor Day Weekend

Normal Operating Hours:
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM






In order to maintain high standards and exemplary performance, all members of the patrol must undergo rigorous physical training and educational coursework. The DBP is nationally accredited by the United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) to certify its members in open water rescue. Each guard is certified as: (1) an Emergency First Responder by the Delaware State Fire School, (2) as a Health Care Provider by the American Heart Association; and (3) an open water rescue lifeguard through the USLA (Appendix A). First year lifeguards are required to complete a minimum of twenty-one (21) days of rookie training that includes intense physical conditioning and the completion of the annual rookie test. In addition, the DBP is a standing member of the Sussex County Lifesaving Association (SCLA). All lifeguards must continuously complete routine training in CPR, standard first aid and c-spine injury stabilization.

The DBP safeguards Dewey Beach on a daily basis from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Extended season duty typically applies. Operational duties begin at 9:00 AM for roll call, briefing and training. The lifeguards sign on at 10 AM sharp, clear the water at 4:57 pm and sign off at 5:00 pm unless an active response is in progress.

DBP Statistics (PDF File)


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